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It is with heartfelt gratitude that I share this website with you to show what the West African Community Council has accomplished over the years. Our Board, staff, volunteers, and donors have dedicated a lot of their precious time and resources to make this happen.

As some of you know, the WACC came to life in 2013 after some friends and I brainstormed about ways of helping West Africans thrive in the state of Washington. Growing up in West Africa, we are unanimously taught that being successful is not limited to having a good job, food on the table and a healthy family. In that part of the world, success is measured by relentlessly giving a helping hand to other family members, friends, neighbors, and community members so they, too, can achieve a similar educational and/or professional momentum. With that upbringing, it was only natural for us to pave the way for the growing West African community in the area.

Initially the intent was to provide basic to intermediate ESL classes, resume and job hunting assistance to help people transition into better paying jobs or have access to higher education opportunities. However, my team and I realized that we could address more needs and provide even more assistance to the hundreds of West Africans that live here.

I believe that, for any community to achieve sustainable development and become self-sufficient, the majority of its members have to have stability: psycho-social, financial and professional services. The West African Community Council plays a substantial role in providing these programs and services today through the One Family Learning Center’s Bilingual Preschool and Parent Child Plus Program and Community Advocacy Department West African Support, Fair Labor Standard Advocacy and Youth Council programs.

Being an immigrant can be an exciting experience and a journey filled with challenges before adjusting to the life in the host country. Understanding the legal immigration system can be complex and confusing for anyone. A part of our role is to assist people as they navigate the immigration process so that they can have access to the services that they need to live a quality life. In order to help, the WACC offers immigration legal services such as Naturalization/Citizenship, Removal Defense, Family-Based Immigration and Work Authorization/Gaining Legal Status.

I thank you for your time and interest in our mission. We need your support. Together, we can accomplish more than we can even envision!


Issa Ndiaye, EMPA


Our philosophy

The West African Community Council’s passion is to advocate, organize, assist, educate and support West African community members while preserving our tradition, culture, social, religious and moral beliefs. We envision and work toward a community in which diverse traditions are respected and honored, families are given equal opportunities, and individuals are valued regardless of their country of origin, ethnicity, and gender. The WACC is committed to strengthening the values of its community members by building from the bottom up – fostering unity, respect, dignity, growth, and stewardship.

About our future

Diversity, patriotism, and freedom of all are what makes America a great and remarkable nation. We believe in leaving a legacy and making a better tomorrow by facing and solving the issues that West African Immigrants are facing in their daily lives.

Our Partners

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