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Program Overview

The West African Community Council (WACC) is recognized and has staff accredited by the U.S. Department of Justice to provide quality immigration services to low-income constituents. Our program is managed by practitioners who have garnered over 17 years of experience in the field. We represent constituents before the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (USCIS and ICE), the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Through our immigration support work, the WACC is responsible for preparing all the necessary paperwork for constituents. Preparing the paperwork includes drafting legal briefs/affidavits, researching and documenting applicable case laws, translating documents, collecting supporting documentary evidence, documenting witness statements and more. Once the paperwork is submitted, we track the progress of each case and follow-up with any further paperwork that is needed.

Johanna Martinez - Immigration Attorney & Issa Ndiaye - DOJ Accredited Representative

Services we provide

  • Appearing at all interviews with clients
  • Citizenship application package and civics instructions: N400
  • Diversity Lottery (DV)
  • FOIA Requests
  • Follow up with U.S. Consulate abroad
  • Legal research and writing
  • Mock interviews
  • Petitions for spouse, fiance, children, parents, and siblings
  • Pre-petition counseling
  • Translation – French to English and English to French
  • U/T visas, VAWA, DACA, and Asylum petitions
  • Motions to Reopen/Reconsider/Re-calendar


To become a U.S. citizen through naturalization it takes about 12 to 18 months plus 5 years of residency or 3 years if married to a U.S. Citizen. The WACC Naturalization /Citizenship program prepares all necessary paperwork for clients. Once the paperwork is submitted to USCIS, WACC tracks the progress of each case and follows up with both USCIS and the client.

Removal Defense Services

Immigrants' needs for legal counsel have increased exponentially over the past several years. The WACC has partnered with the King County Legal Defense Network to provide removal defense services for immigrants. In 2018, WACC conducted 155 free screenings for immigrants who either feared deportation or had received letters from the federal government indicating there being a possibility of deportation. WACC is proud to announce that this year, 2019 WACC won a significant grant from the King County Legal Defense Network to expand its legal team and will be doing even more direct representation of removal defense cases!

Family-Based Immigration

WACC provides a path to reuniting families who are living abroad. This is a subsidized fee for service program and is dependent on the client's income. In addition to filing documents, WACC provides critical arguments to USCIS for proof of relationship to reunite families.

Work Authorization & Gaining Legal Status

As an immigrant it is often challenging to know which documents are needed to gain legal status or attain work authorization. WACC consults with qualifying individuals in a low-cost or pro-bono (free) way help them gain or retain legal status or attain work authorization. Each case is highly unique because every person has a different background and story.


Client Testimonial

My name is Mariama. I have a very complex immigration case. I have lived in the United States for many years and am a single mother of two beautiful girls! I received a letterfrom ICE to come to their office with my passport. I was so terrified and stressed out! I called the WACC. They comforted me and told me that I would be helped through the Legal Defense Network that WACC is a part of. I am praying to God to empower WACC  as they help me stay in the U.S. and I raise my daughters in peace and dignity.

Client Testimonial

My name is C. I fled my home country six years ago to escape persecution. I had a tumultuous journey. I picked Seattle because I have family here. I had to travel through many countries before I could arrive in the u.S. Upon entering the U.S. I was detained at a port of entry and handed to ICE. I remained in detention for many months. I was so scared of what might happen. ICE released me to my family member, but kept trying to convince me to return to my country of origin. I was scared of what might happen to me if I return home. My relative told me about WACC. WACC was able to determine that I met the requirements to seek asylum and referred me to the Northwest Immigration Rights Project. Since then I have received my employment authorization card, found a job and am financially stable . Thank you WACC for the work you do!


Please fill out this General Intake Form
We are by appointment only.

At the WACC’s immigration department, we serve residents of Seattle. We try to take as many cases as we can on a “low-bono” or “pro-bono” basis but we unfortunately cannot provide services to everyone for free. We are a fee-for service agency . Legal representation from our attorney is a fee service. If you know of a case that will benefit from our services, please fill out our Immigration General Intake Form.

Some services may be waived depending on their specific type of issue or proof of inability to pay. Nobody will be turned away for inability to pay. Our service fees may be waived for those who can show proof of federally defined poverty level income.
We are by appointment only.  Fill out the Immigration General Intake Form, to set up an appointment.  After filling out this form, our Immigration Attorney will contact you to schedule an appointment or refer you to another organization that might be able to assist you better.
Do you have an appointment? If so please bring:

  • Passport
  • Greencard
  • I-94 arrival letter
  • Travel History
  • Receipt Notices
  • All Papers filed to USCIS


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