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The West African Community Council (WACC) provides quality and culturally reflective early learning through the One Family Learning Center. Its mission is to empower children with self-esteem, a love of learning and an appreciation for world cultures.

Bilingual Multicultural
French-English Preschool

Our bilingual and multicultural French-English preschool program provides safe, intuitive, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate opportunities that foster active learning in a child-friendly environment where diversity is cherished. Our teachers work hard to develop lesson plans to suit the interests and needs of each individual child in the program. The Bilingual Preschools curriculum blends the best elements of French and American preschool programs, while incorporating the state of Washington and the City of Seattle’s educational standards for early learners. French language instruction is seamlessly integrated with English throughout the school day.

Parent Child+
Home Visiting Program

Parent-Child Plus is a family home visiting program we offer in partnership with United Way of King County. It is designed for children ages 16 months to 3 years old. The First few years of life play a critical role in brain development which is dependent on stimulation, play and positive role modeling years before children reach Kindergarten. Our program is designed to deliver early education resources, from one-on-one reading and playing with educational toys to coaching parents and caregivers. Our Early Learning Specialists are hired within the community and they are encouraged to serve families using their native languages to promote multiculturalism and linguistic diversity.

Meet Khady, one of our
Early Learning Specialists

A normal day for Khady involves careful scheduling of home visits with children and their parents, driving to their homes and facilitating curriculum rich interactions with children and parents within a 30 minute house visit. “Sometimes I drive 40 minutes to go from Seattle to Kent and Kent to Renton. Sometimes I drive as far south as Covington. It just depends on when families are available to meet.”

Khady points out that most West African Families are already committed to their children being successful. However, as an immigrant population there are significant educational and language barriers. One area where Khady works with children is reading and interactive story telling through picture books with their parents. These picture books teach valuable skills and values to prepare students for pre-school. Other activities  are colors and  counting. “I met with one boy who was 2, it was hard for him to recognize colors. The only color he could recognize was green, and even then every color was identified by him as green. There was a belief that he might be colorblind, and that is just the way he is. However, I worked with him one-on-one and he can now recognize all of his colors. He now accelerates at math, reading and painting and is ready for preschool”. 

Fall in love with our family!

We are a grassroots organization

Members from the community serving the broader community.

Multilingual & Multicultural

We value diversity and respectfully reflect our differences of beliefs and identities in our practices and activities.

Teaching the Positive Discipline Way

We always teach important social and life skills in a deeply in a matter that is deeply respectful and encouraging for both children and adults.


Our team members use their people skills to build an open and honest connection with families and our students.


We create a safe "virtual" family-inspired home spaces where everyone can walk and feel comfortable in their own skin

Promote Socioemotional Engagement

We focus on a holistic approach that allows our family members to express and find resources to support their complete being.

Early education and families

With One Family Learning Center, we ensure that children aged 3 to 5 from low-income families are set up to be successful in kindergarten and throughout their academic journey

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